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These are the values I change to make my Firefox browser fit my needs:

Item Value Effect
browser.urlbar.autoFillFALSE Disables autocomplete of url's (e.g. makes Firefox autofill, causing me to go the wrong URL)
browser.urlbar.trimURLsFALSE Shows current protocol in URL bar. When enabled it removes the protocol definition. Am I using FTP, HTTP, HTTPS? I don't know, but with this disabled I do.
dom.disable_window_move_resizeTRUE Disallows javascript to resize browser windows. Windows flying around being resized is often frustrating, so none of that for me
dom.event.contextmenu.enabledFALSE Disallows javascript to remove the top menu, disable rightclicking etc.
browser.backspace_action0 Enables press of the backspace-button to go back one page.
browser.showQuitWarningTRUE Activates a prompt asking to save tabs or not when exiting Firefox. This is nice when accidentally hitting CTRL+Q instead of CTRL+W.
geo.enabledFALSE Disables geo-location feature. I know where I am. Services do not need that info. If they do, I'll enter it for them manually.
browser.tabs.onTopFALSE Puts tabs below the menu - After FF29, 'Classic Theme Restorer' is needed to move tabs below the menu
browser.newtab.urlabout:blank Removes the Firefox “tiles page” when opening a new tab. Instead displays 'about:blank' (blank/empty page).
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